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This journal is friends only, but I like new friends. Add me and I shall add you back. It'll be fun for all.

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How sneaky of you.

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I should have put "good" in quotation marks.

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Niki has you as an interest as "cho" and I clicked it because it was shared, and found a femslash community that's interested in you. ;) [ profile] forbiddenheaven

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Apparently I am best when paired with Ginny.

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God, look at all my comments to this. Anyway COME BACK! Please, thank you.

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I heart your comments in any old place. AM I BACK YET? I'm not sure when you left this. *comes back*

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Mind if I add you? :D


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Sorry, I just got this. No, not at all. I just added you myself.

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got here through insomnia and firesnaps. or is she singular snap on here? oh, well. i read this mini-convo and it amused me, so i'm telling you. i like to tell people when they amuse me.


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She is a singular snap on LJ and a plural snap on AIM. I'm glad I was amusing. I amuse myself all the time and if I ever happen to be amusing to someone else it's a happy day.


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I'm adding you because I was told that you are one of my trusted non friends lol whatever that's supposed to mean-so add me back if you want:)

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Hello there, trust non-friend. Nice to meet you. :)

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Hello. You're tied for second on my list of 'popular users amongst my friends' and really, I've meant to add you for a while and just never have, so here I am, saying I've added you and hoping you don't mind. If you do, I will back away slowly and we'll pretend this never happened.

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This is so weird. I sat there looking at your user info page just yesterday pondering adding you but I didn't because I didn't want to be all pushy and "hi, be my friend!" so I decided to come back later and re-ponder, and you did it first. Very cool. Hello!

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I'm as harmless as one of those stuffed birds.

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Uh huh. I've heard all about you.


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I just have to say. . . I love your stories. I really like The Bus Driver and your Howie/Chris Slash Project.

Re: Hi!

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Hi yourself. :) Thank you so much for that. I'm glad you liked "The Bus Driver" because I kind of liked it and it got, like, zero feedback when I posted it. haha. You're the first person I've ever heard say they liked it, so you officially rock. And yes, Howie/Chris rule the world. I added you back. Sorry it took me a couple of days. I'm a little slow sometimes.

Re: Hi!

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Insert appropriate emoticon here, or something of that sort. Hi.

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metric is sexy and so is the fact that you and i have lots of the same interests.

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I want to friend you because I have a link to your Sweet & Low web site on my journal. I don't know if I should be interested in your life seeing as I don't know anything about it ;-)

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Well, I'm very uninteresting but I friended you anyway. ;) And hey, thanks for linking to that. And you have Justine Frischmann icons. That's always a good thing.

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*waves* allo.

okay, this is totally unrelated to the post above, but i have to ask: did you write that poem on your LJ? (which, btw, i found through surfing my flist's flist) if not, what's the source?

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Sorry it took me so long to see this. I'm seriously neglectful of my e-mail. If you mean the one in my user info, it's called The Receiving End of Love by a Canadian poet named Susan Musgrave. She's really great.

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Hi! For the most part I am going to hang around hoping you'll resurface in the internets and post witty pretty things and/or be terribly mundane about RL life. Works either way for me.

PS: You're a terrific writer. Prolly the best Blur one I've come across. Just saying. :-)
PPS: Pls make this work again! It would really make my day if it did! (sometimes just doesn't cut it, you know?)

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I'm coming back to reply to this comment. Thanks for adding me. :D And thank you so much for the compliment. I wish it did still work! The server disappeared and took my huge Alex James fan site along with it. I'm working on getting the fan site back up, but I should probably put the personal one back up too now that I think about it.

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I've been in the mood to switch journals, so I added you to the new one.
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hi, it's steph with a new journal, and i'm actually interested in your life.

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New journal name. Add me back again? Thanks!!

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Follow, follow, follow...

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Okay, so what about those of us morbidly interested in your life? What kind of points do we get?

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How curious. This post is dated near the end year 2007. This must be changed before `08 sweeps in and overrides it. Your icons are quite different over here and I somehow like the default x100.

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Haha. I didn't know you were over here. I'm only two years late on this comment, but I added you.

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Wow. Only 2 days before this post becomes "on time!"

Hi, how are you? Don't let yourself believe you have been forgotten. Because it simply isn't true.

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Nor have you. And I noticed that. That's the sad thing about backdating. You put something so far into the future that you figure there's no way you'll ever still be at it, and yet....

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*sigh* I finally decide that I really can't live without LJ . . . Only to come back and find you gone. I have known you longer than I've known anyone else online, and this just will not do.

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Fret not! I just commented to you. We're the hold-outs.

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hi! added you cause i used to read your fic ages ago and went looking for it today. my lj is apparently still about pop but it's not because i like them anymore or anything. and this page made me laugh!