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I haven't used this in a long time. I'm going to again. I drifted around to other places, but I miss a lot of the people I knew here. Even if you think I don't know who you are, I remember all of you and probably miss you.

If you are still out there, please comment and let me know. LJ, I shall never stray from you again.

And yeah, it never really gets old.

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I feel the same way.

And golly, you're up early. Or late? ;-)

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About missing people or keeping a journal? I was up late, as per usual.

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Both, actually.

It is swell seeing you around here, I may be inspired to write more myself.

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Who said Friday the 13th was bad? :o)

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In the area where I'm from, Friday the 13th is also an enormous motorbike rally that closes off the entire town. I should have gone to it this year. How's life on a scale of 1 to 10?

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In the area where I'm from, Friday the 13th is also an enormous motorbike rally that closes off the entire town. I should have gone to it this year.

It sounds like it came to you! I can imagine bikers from everywhere just buzzing through the streets and by-ways. Do "Hell's Angels" ever ride Vespas?

How's life on a scale of 1 to 10?

Oh... let's not spoil our happy little reunion with that. Hint: If I said I wanted to go back to 2003...

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That's exactly what it's like. For two days, it's that constant zzzzZZZZZZOOOOMMmmmm. Or...well, it's hard to find a textual equivalent for it. The Hells Angels do show up. They set up a stand in the park and sell family-friendly merchandise. I'm sure there are also a few at the bottom of the lake.

If I said I wanted to go back to 2003... would not be alone.

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And you know, man, I owe you a CD.

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You do? I don't even remember!

If somehow, someone mistakenly brought a Time Travel Delorean to the motorbike rally, I hope you'll pick up a hitchhiker.
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i shall read you here as well :)

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I shall read you in...well, all three places. haha
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man, that is a hot icon. re: s, she hasn't replied to my last couple emails, but if she does, i will let her know you're asking about her.

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Hell yes, it is. And please do. She was on IJ but deleted and I would like to keep in touch with her.

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It's me, and you've been given a key.

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I was just thinking of you the other day because you hadn't updated in a while.

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I still think of you, believe it or not, whenever I see Friends, because I think you told me once you learned English in part from watching it with subtitles.

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hey there! looooong time no read. i was about to unfriend you the other day, because i thought you didn't use this anymore. couldn't to do it, for old times' sake. yay!

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I'm glad you didn't, and I'm glad you're still around too.

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Hello, still here!

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Woo! Hello in numerous places.

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Hello! It's good to see you around again.

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Hello! Thank you for thinking so. It's good to see you too.

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whoo! i've changed journal names like 3 times since you last updated, but this is bliss.

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Woo! Thanks for letting me follow you around. Do you know where I might find your other friend whose name begins with S?

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if you're talking about who i think you are then i wouldn't know; we haven't been friends for years now.

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Oh! Okay, I apologize.

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sha no problem! it's not like i wrote it in the sky over your head or something.

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I'm still here, but I update with a different journal now! kingofgirls is going to add you in a second. :)

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Woo! I just added you.

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Nice to see you on here again! LJ has an interesting pull, that's for sure :)

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It does. I blame it on the addictive habit of sharing random thoughts with an ecclectic audience.

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It's like a ghost from the past.

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Mwahaha. Ah, Nick. He's looking good these days.

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Wow welcome back! LJ has missed you.

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Thank you, Sammeh.

Gah. You are linking to that friend tool in your info. I so needed that link.

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I'm around, every once in a while. I too haven't used my own in over a year, I think. I can't quite stay away though either. I peek in on old friends when I can just to keep up with them. Welcome back!

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Thank you! I had that exact same feeling.

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Welcome back!!!

I'd love to play 'catch up' and hear what's been going on in your life!

LiveJournal is a marvelous place. It's just here whenever we want to come back...


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Have you ever drifted off and wandered back? Thank you so much for the icon space.
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I was just thinking about you the other day, even though we've never really been close you have been on my friends list almost since the very beginning of my LJ. So you have been missed.
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Welcome back. I no longer write but I still read.

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I no longer write or read! After so many years you end up repeating the same old stuff and it's always a little sad thinking about past times. My new fandom is Barack/Rahm, which I enjoy through the medium of [ profile] rahmbamarama. Ahem. Yeah, baby. :D
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Hey! It's good to see you again.

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Hi. I'm still here but I've been trying to update my other one too.

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and this is the one I've been updating on.

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I was going through old pictures the other night, and doubles of the New Years weekend tumbled out. I'm so happy you're back. I'm barely here, but this is another reason to attempt.

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