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Birthdate:Apr 5

You've been told you have a nose that can
sniff out the bad in any man, a heart
vacant as twin beds at the Paradise Motel.
You've been rode hard and put away wet
so many times now, at first

you feel useless, being on the receiving
end of love. At first there's nothing left
but the desire to make the best of it;
on a back lot in a strip of light
you join your names in blood.
But when his hand slips and he unloads
the machine-gun in your head,
you're forever his.

At first you feel an awful lot
is happening and then you get
desperate, not knowing if it's happiness,
until one night on a trick
bed he ties your wrists to the posts
and slips a coin between your lips. You flip
it twice on your tongue, sucking
that big spender into your back pock right
where you always wanted him -

and then you get down, shaking
your hips in memory of a rhythm
you once lived your life to, making it.

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